Friday, May 27, 2011

"Came In Close, I Heard a Voice"

A couple of years ago, when my son was about three, I had a kid seat attached to the back of my bike so we could go  on rides together in the evenings. We live in an area where owls can often be heard calling in the night, and despite their obvious proximity, I'd never actually seen one.  After hearing one nearby for several evenings in a row, my son began to ask when we might spot one.  I explained to him how owls hunt at night and are difficult to see; and how rare it is to get to see one.  One warm evening just before dusk I was strapping him into the bike seat. He was particularly insistent that he'd get to see an owl and I just told him to keep his eyes open for one. Not five minutes into our ride a huge owl swooped down right in front of us; so close that if I'd known he was coming I could have reached out and touched his wing as he flew past. I would have been amazed enough to have seen one from a distance that night, given how my son was so adamant that we'd see one. But to have it dart within inches of us just blew me away. My son got to see his owl and I pedaled the rest of the way home lost in complete wonder.

     Owls are regarded as highly symolic in many cultures and featured heavily in mythology around the world. Interestingly, they also seem relatively prominent in sync experiences and dreams.  More amazing owl syncs and dreams can be found at Mike Clelland's blog, Hidden Experience:

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